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Power and pitfalls of psychopathology: Marking 100 years since the publication of Karl Jaspers' General Psychopathology

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Royal Society Of Medicine, 2013.

A joint meeting with the Royal Society of Medicine in association with the London Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The year 2013 marked the centenary of the publication of Jaspers' General Psychopathology; a text that has had an immense influence on psychiatry. Jaspers was both a psychiatrist and one of Europe's leading philosophers.

The centenary provided an opportunity to review the foundations and ongoing relevance of phenomenological psychopathology in the era of genome mapping and explosion of neuroscience. 


Have Jaspers' formulations been fully taken advantage of and incorporated in today's understanding and treatment of mental illness or have valuable insights been lost?
How do we integrate the domains of "understanding" and "causation" at a time when both knowledge and society are changing with increasing speed?

This conference enabled a return to the big themes of Jasperian psychiatry, testing them against current knowledge and contemporary debates.

The sold out conference was very well received by attendees, with 93% of respondents reporting that the meeting was relevant or very relevant to their educational needs, and 94% confirming that the aims and objectives of the meeting were met well or very well.

"One of the best meetings I have been to in years."

"A brilliant, stimulating and thought-provoking meeting. Huge intellectual interest and profound implications."


Phenomenology and Psychiatry for the 21st Century

Institute of Psychiatry, 2005.

Interest in Phenomenology ebbed in the 1980s with the growth of the neurosciences, but in recent years there has been a swing of interest back towards Phenomenology and how it relates to the new findings from neuroscience and epidemiology. This conference took the opportunity to reinvigorate and advance an important cross-disciplinary, clinical, research, and conceptual debate for 21st Century psychiatry.  The conference formed a special theme in Schizophrenia Bulletin.


Philosophy and Psychosis

Institute of Psychiatry, 2002

This one day conference examined how philosophy may help us understand the mind in psychosis.