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Events posted here are not organised by the Maudsley Philosophy Group but may be of interest: 

Philosophy of Medicine

Monday, 8 October 2018 from 18:00-20:00

Have you ever wondered what the relationship between the mind and the brain is like, how we can know what works best when deciding how to treat patients, or what insights medics can gain from philosophy and philosophers from medicine?

KCL Phil Soc and KCL Health + Humanities are incredibly excited to welcome you to our event on the Philosophy of Medicine! Over the course of the evening we’ll have three talks relating to contemporary research on the topic.


Professor David Papineau on the mind and the brain

Dr Brendan Clarke on evidence based medicine

Psychiatry trainee Jianan Bao and PhD student Lisa Grant on mental causation and psychiatry

Refreshments will be provided, and we will all be heading to the pub afterwards so there will be an opportunity to socialize with fellow philosophically minded people.

If you are not a KCL student or staff member, please drop us a message so we can let security know you are coming. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Further details 

Maudsley Lectures in Psychoanalysis 2017-18

A new series of lectures on contemporary psychoanalysis, promoted by the Institute of Psychoanalysis, will take place fortnightly at the ORTUS Centre at Denmark Hill.

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Visit their website for forthcoming events and lectures

In addition, there is an essay competition on (broadly) the same topic, Mental Capacity: