Forthcoming Maudsley Philosophy Group Events

MPG Seminar, Wednesday 27 June 2018

6.00 pm in Seminar Room 1, Ground Floor, IoPPN

Our guest will be Dr Jules Montague who will speak on "Stories from my patients:dementia and the philosophy of personal identity"

Dr Montague has written: "Who do we become when we're not ourselves? This is the question explored in my book, Lost and Found. Through the stories of my patients  -  Martin, Anita, Carol and others  -- I discover whether any semblance of sameness can persist in the face of profound cognitive and behavioural change."

Dr Jules Montague is a consultant neurologist in London, a job she combines with medical work in Mozambique and India each year. Her clinical sub-specialty is young-onset dementia.

She writes regularly in The Guardian. Her work has also featured in Granta, Mosaic, Aeon, NME, The Independent, the Verge and on the BBC.

From an academic perspective her PhD research explored the phenotypic and genotypic correlations of young-onset dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. She has been published in Lancet Neurology, JNNP, Neuroloy, PLoS One, and the ALS journal amongst others.