Past Maudsley Philosophy Group Events




Sep 27th Professor Beatrice Han-Pile The Ethics of Powerlessness Seminar
June 17th Dr Jules Montague Stories from my patients:dementia and the philosophy of personal identity Seminar
Apr 17th Baroness Warnock The concept of truth in psychiatry Seminar
Mar 8th Dr Quinton Deeley Witchcraft and Psychosis Seminar


Nov 29th Dr Graham Robinson and Prof. Eugene Sadler-Smith Hubristic leadership: Understanding the causes and mitigating the effects Seminar
Nov 29th Dr Graham Robinson and Prof. Eugene Sadler-Smith Hubristic leadership: Understanding the causes and mitigating the effects Seminar
Jan 17th Prof.Fabien Freyenhagen Do societies make us sick? Lecture


Dec. 1st Prof.Sherrilyn Roush Hypochondria and Self-calibration Lecture
May 10th Dr.Joel Krueger Moebus Syndrome & Schizophrenia Lecture
Feb.10th Dr.Jeremy Holmes The contributions of psychotherapy to mental health Lecture


March 4th Dr John Cutting and Dr Gareth Owen The Clinical Phenomenology of Schizophrenia Seminar
Jan 28th Prof. John Cottingham Psychoanalysis, philosophy, religion: triangle of conflict or of harmony? Lecture


October 9th Dr. Francesca Brencio Modes of being. Fear and anxiety in Martin Heidegger's Daseinsanalyse and their connection with anxiety disorders. Lecture

June 19th

Dr Nikola Kern & Dr Gareth Owen

The Phenomenology of Depression


March 19th

Dr Edward Harcourt

Boundaries between Badness and Madness: A philosophical perspective


January 21st

Dr. Tania Gergel Lecturer in Classics and Ancient Philosophy

Ulysses contracts - Homer's Odyssey, fluctuating capacity and advance decision-making in psychiatry



March 13th Dr. John Sellars
Lecturer in Philosophy
Stoicism and Cognitive Psychotherapy Lecture
June 12th Prof. John Dupré
Professor of Philosophy
What (if anything) can evolution tell us about the healthy mind? Lecture
July 3rd Dr. Iain McGilchrist
Psychiatrist and Author
Divided Brain and the Lived World Lecture
November 26th Prof. Neil Levy
Deputy Director (Research), Oxford Centre for Neuroethics; Head of Neuroethics, Florey Neuroscience Institute
Addiction as a disorder of belief Lecture


February 29th Robert Rowland Smith
Writer and Journalist
Endarkenment Lecture
June 6th Carl Gombrich
Educational Programme Director
Interdisciplinarity: A First Attempt at Four Broad Frameworks Lecture
October 10th Dr. Nassir Ghaemi
Professor of Psychiatry
The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model Seminar
October 31st Dr. Edward Skidelsky
Lecturer in Philosophy
Happiness and Pleasure: what's the difference? Lecture


January 12th Dr David McNeil
Lecturer of Philosophy
Mythic and moral psychology in Sophocles’ Antigone Seminar
February 3rd Professor Grant Gillett
Neurosurgeon, Prof. of Medical Ethics
Autonomy: getting over the metaphysics and into the urban jungle Seminar
June 15th Dr. Ryan Kemp
Clinical Psychologist
The Temporality of Addiction Seminar
September 14th Michel Bitbol
Director of Research, Philosopher of Science
Groundlessness and Neurophenomenology Seminar
October 19th Dr. Richard Allen
Chairman of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies
Introduction to Michael Polanyi with suggestions about psychiatry Seminar
November 16th Dr. Alan Ford
Senior Lecturer in the History and Theory of Art
Modernism, Narcissism and Alienation Seminar
November 29th Dr. Jonathon Webber
Philosophy Lecturer
Pleasure and Phenomenology of Addiction Seminar
December 14th Dr. John Cutting
Senior Lecturer in the History and Theory of Art
The Phenomenology and Neuropsychiatry of Dreams Seminar


Feb 24th Professor John Steiner
Psychoanalyst and Psychiatrist
The transference now and then Seminar
March 17th Professor Anthony David
Cognitive Neuropsychiatrist
Can non-altruistic suicide ever be rational? The Kerrie Woolerton case Seminar
May 5th Dr Ryan McKay
Misbelief: Neuropsychological and evolutionary foundations Seminar


Jan 29th Professor Tony Hope
A devil and an angel: experiences of decision-making in people with anorexia nervosa. Seminar
Feb 25th Baroness Mary Warnock
End of Life Decision Making Lecture
Mar 25th Dr Jill Craigie
Capacity, Practical Rationality and what a Patient Values Seminar
May 27th Professor Wayne Martin
Ubi inletabilitas ibi virtus: some work in progress on the nature of Melancholia Seminar
June 30th Professor Tim Crane
What is Consciousness? Lecture
November 3rd Dr Gareth Owen
Cilinical Lecturer
Mental disorder and the human being as a whole: sense or non-sense? Seminar
December 15th Nick Wiltsher
Grad Student of Philosophy
Distinguishing Imagination and Perception Seminar
Jun 3rd Associate Professor Louis Charland
Moral Treatment or 'Moral' Treatment? Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder Seminar
Jul 8th Dr Andrea Mechelli
Can the Brain Sciences Rescue Psychoanalysis? Seminar


Jan 30th Professor Raymond Tallis
How Can We Possibly Be Free? Lecture
Feb 20th Professor David Papineau
Could There Be a Science of Consciousness? Lecture
March 5th Professor Roger Scruton
First-person awareness and the human condition Lecture
April 16th Dr Matthew Ratcliffe
Phenomenology of depression Seminar
May 21st Dr Thomas Pink
Free Will and Experience Lecture
July 9th Professor George Szmukler
Coercion in Psychiatric treatment Seminar
Sept 17th Dr John Cutting
Schelerian Psychopathology Seminar
Oct 15th Dr Norbert Andersch (Psychiatrist) and Dr Edward Skidelsky (Philosopher) Ernst Cassirer in relation to psychopathology Seminar
Nov 12th Professor MM McCabe
Being well and doing well: from health to virtue and back again Seminar
Dec 10th Professor John Gray
Writer and philosoper
Science as a vehicle for myth Lecture


Feb 12th Professor Jonathan Glover
Dignity, Antisocial Personality Disorder & Violence Lecture
April 25th Dr Luca Malatesti
Psychiatric Classification, Levels of Explanation & Psychopathy Seminar
May 9th Dr John McMillan
Character development, responsibility and psychopathy Seminar
July 11th Professor Jonathan Lowe
What are we? Seminar
Sept 5th Professor Wayne Martin
Judgment as a Phenomeno-Logical Problem Seminar


May 17th Dr Anthony Fry Psychiatrist Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and the counter-culture 1968-72 Seminar
June 14th Dr Iain McGilchrist
Literature, memory and the brain Seminar
July 10th Dr Gwen Adshead
Are Psychopaths evil? Seminar
Sept 20th Dr Matthew Broome
Being at home in the world - the philosophy of John McDowell Seminar
Oct 25th Professor Sean Gallagher
Embodiment - schizophrenia and agency Seminar
Nov 14th Professor Steven Galt Crowell
Phenomenology and the First-Person Character of Philosophical Knowledge Seminar
Nov 27th Professor Jennifer Radden
Epidemic Depression and Burtonian Melancholy Seminar