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The Maudsley Philosophy Group

Addressing conceptual / philosophical issues central to psychiatry

Our activity consists of projects to bring high quality clinical and research psychiatry into contact with high quality philosophy.

We aim to help clarify psychiatric research and practice, improve the contact philosophy has with psychiatry and educate the public about the philosophical aspects of psychiatry.

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Seminar: Thursday 1 December 2016, 6.00 pm IoPPN

Professor Sherrilyn Roush: "Hypochondria and Self-recalibration" Hypochondria is, among other things, an epistemological problem about coping with uncertainty. It afflicts patient and doctor in different ways, and is enhanced today by informed consent, the great success of medical science in detecting the nascient and invisible, and the easy availability of information over the internet. To address this problem I suggest straight talk about uncertainty, and a strategy of teaching the patient self-calibration, that is, to keep a record of the frequency with which their past symptoms and complaints did and did not turn out to be a serious disease.

Seminar: Tuesday 17 January 2017, 6.00 pm

Professor Fabian Freyenhagen 'Social Pathology' abstract available soon